“A TRUE history that never happened” is how the author (George Bernard Shaw) described this comedy. The year is 1680, in the library of Isaac Newton’s house in Cambridge, and the action illustrates what might have happened if Charles II had called upon the philospoher Newton, at the same time as he was visited by […]

‘Tom Jones’ at Temple Newsam

Fine singing by the principlas and chorus marked the opening performances on Saturday of Temple Newsam’s second open-air Festival production , “Tom Jones.” The production is the first combined effort of the British Legion Players (Leeds Central branch) and the Hunslet Choral and Operatic Societies. Principals whose singing and clear delivery deserve sepcial mention were […]

Rain hits Leeds “Tom Jones”

The afternoon rain in Leeds on Saturday afternoon prevented the strings and tympani from playing in the first open-air performance of Tom Jones. But the audience stayed and the players sang on to the accompaniment of woodwind and brass. Conditons were more suitable in the evening and the performance was enjoyed by a large audience. […]

Y.S.O. end their fourth year

With the final Festival of Britain concert, given in Leeds on Saturday night, came also the end of the Yorkshire Symphony Orchestra’s fourth year. After a Third Programme broadcast with the Leeds Philharmonic Society in a Delius concert next Friday, the orchestra will take a well-earned rest before embarking on their fifth winter season. Perhaps […]