Ready to make festival

June 23, 1951 | Filed under: Yorkshire Post

A ROSE-COLOURED sky over Leeds yesterday evening raised my hopes of a fine day for the opening of the festival of Britain celebrations in the city. With a wise respect for the vagaries of the English summer, Leeds has delayed the Festival until the eve of Midsummer’s Day. If we are let down by the weather, it will not be for want of consulting the calendar.

Festival fever has been slow to mount in Leeds, but West Riding folk are noted for rising to the occasion and the outbreak of flags, bunting, armorial shields and flower decorations in the city in the past few days shows that Leeds folk are alert to the importance of this occasion. Indeed, between the Festival and the students’ Rag Day, I suppose that the city’s streets will be almost impassable today.

Yet not far from the centre of Leeds, in the Woodhouse Moor district, where the Princess Royal will open the Festival of Britain travelling exhibition, the village green atmosphere has somehow been recaptured. Much of the credit for this belongs to the roundabouts on Low Moor which stand spick and span in their new paint against the background of trees provided by Woodhouse Ridge.

I think Leeds, though it may have seemed slow to make festival, will not be found wanting in that spirit today.